How To Write Catchy Blog Post Titles

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Hey Loves! Having a catchy blog post title is a must since that’s the first thing everyone sees when you post a blog post. Most people decide on whether or not to read a blog post based on the title when you think about it, it’s a huge thing! Your blog title must be informative, effective and catchy so from that way they don’t only click on your blog post but they end up reading it!

Obviously, don’t take this the wrong way and have titles that are in some ways ‘clickbait’ – do not do that because you’ll end up loosing genuine followers. What you’ve to do is use a title that’ll make your blog post stand out and increase the visibility of the post.

For instance, instead of writing “5 Apps I Use As A Blogger” – “5 Must Haves Apps…

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High blood pressure redefined for first time in 14 years: 130 is the new high American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Guidelines. November 13, 2017 High blood pressure is now defined as readings of 130 mm Hg and higher for the systolic blood pressure measurement, or readings of 80 and higher for the diastolic measurement. That is a change from the old definition of 140/90 and higher, reflecting complications that can occur at those lower numbers. In the first update to comprehensive U.S. guidelines on blood pressure detection and treatment since 2003, the category of prehypertension is eliminated. While about 14 percent more people will be diagnosed with high blood pressure and counseled about lifestyle changes, there will only be a small increase in those who will be prescribed medication. By lowering the definition of high blood pressure, the guidelines recommend earlier intervention to prevent further increases in blood pressure and the complications of hypertension.


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