How To Write Catchy Blog Post Titles

New Lune

Working on myself, by myself, for myself.

Hey Loves! Having a catchy blog post title is a must since that’s the first thing everyone sees when you post a blog post. Most people decide on whether or not to read a blog post based on the title when you think about it, it’s a huge thing! Your blog title must be informative, effective and catchy so from that way they don’t only click on your blog post but they end up reading it!

Obviously, don’t take this the wrong way and have titles that are in some ways ‘clickbait’ – do not do that because you’ll end up loosing genuine followers. What you’ve to do is use a title that’ll make your blog post stand out and increase the visibility of the post.

For instance, instead of writing “5 Apps I Use As A Blogger” – “5 Must Haves Apps…

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