Why “Anti-Aging” is a Bad Phrase

Aging Fearlessly

Anti-aging suggests and even appears to promote that aging is bad. The term β€œanti” means against or in opposition. The definition of β€œaging” is primarily a process of growing older. In truth, there is no such reality as anti-aging because we never stop growing older. Although we mayno anti aging be able to mask our perceptions and appearances of aging for a while, the aging process is still taking place.

Anti-aging is a dangerous mindset because it develops and nurtures biases against the elderly as a whole. The phrase anti-aging also teaches us to believe that aging is something that could and should be avoided.

There are far too many negative stigmas to getting old as if it is the ultimate punishment for people over 50. Pay attention the next time you hear someone speak about getting old. It really troubles me to hear so many people refer…

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