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Don’t let memory loss rob you of enjoying the second half of your life!

As women approach menopause, a good majority of them have what is called “age related cognitive decline”. Briefly, it means that you forget where you’ve put your keys or the name of the cashier you met at the grocery store yesterday. Have you ever walked into the family room and found yourself looking around wondering why you even walked in there?

Do not worry! You are probably not suffering from Alzheimer’s!

Although it’s alarming to think that you’re ‘losing your mind’, it’s actually quite common. As you age and approach the second half of your life the circulation in your brain starts to become affected by the decline in your hormones. Estrogen is a very important hormone that affects how we think and how we remember.

Testosterone, even though it is primarily considered a male hormone, starts to go down as we age as well. Again, it affects our ability to remember. The important thing is to keep the circulation going.

How do I enhance circulation and keep my memory active:

• Maintain a healthy diet – Sugar and excessive carbohydrates cause inflammation, which, in turn, will cause clogging of the arteries. It is very important to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as good proteins. 

• Exercise – Exercise is extremely important for keeping your brain alive, awake, and well functioning. Try to incorporate cardiovascular exercises and balancing techniques into your daily workout. When you feel comfortable, yoga and meditation are great ways to exercise the mind.

• Multivitamins and Supplements – Besides taking your traditional multivitamin, try Ginkgo Biloba. Your B vitamins – B?, B??, and B? (folic acid), help break down homocysteine, an amino acid that is a toxic to your cells’ nerves. Essential fatty acids are also key to maintaining a good memory. Try incorporating flaxseed oil and fish oil into your diet. 

• Use it or Lose it – Keep your brain active. You can keep your memory fit by engaging in crossword puzzles, creative writing, and quiz shows. 

BE CREATIVE, play video games with the kids and grandkids.

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