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Tips for New Year’s Resouutions – Philadelphia Holistic Health |

Tips for New Year’s Resouutions – Philadelphia Holistic Health |

As the countdown begins a new year comes closer. Most people associate the New Year with a fresh start. Often time’s people will have goals or resolutions they wish to achieve and maintain throughout the year. Everyone has had an idea of what they want their New Year resolutions to be, but they hardly follow through. With these simple tips, you will learn how to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

Plan Ahead

The first tip is the most important advice anyone can give you when starting a new challenge. Planning ahead reduces the stress of blindly entering a goal. When you plan ahead you give your mind and body time to process that it will go through changes. You shouldn’t eat 50 pizzas then on New Year’s Day decide to go on a fully raw vegan diet because you’ll go into shock and you will be completely unprepared for difficult times. An example of planning ahead is if you want to improve your health, start looking at fitness videos, get a personal trainer, and slowly start eating better so when New Year’s comes around you’re ready and ahead of game.

Pick an achievable goal

The second tip is an extension of the first. If you plan ahead you have time to sort out an achievable goal. Using the example above, it is possible if you indulge in a bad habit to change for the New Year. However you should be realistic because if not you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s great to be optimistic but you don’t want to get discouraged when you’re nowhere near your unrealistic goal.

Find a support group

The third tip can be used for any situation. Whether you believe it or not you become like the people you surround yourself with. If you want to cut down on the drinking for the next year keep away from bars and people that drink like a fish. Find a group of people that will encourage you to do better and will help you in times of need. Surround yourself with people you can learn from.

Keep going

Don’t get discouraged if you messed up. Say you want to eat healthy but you end up eating a cheese steak for lunch. Don’t throw away you entire diet plan because of mistakes. Mistakes make us learn. Say you skip the gym for three days; don’t go back to sitting on the couch. Using that logic is like throwing away a Ferrari because you have a flat tire. When something goes wrong or you stray from your path, learn from it, pick yourself up and try again.

The final advice is to believe in yourself and become warrior not a worrier. You are your worst critic. You see more flaws in yourself than anyone in the world. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, ask questions and ask for help. Everyone started somewhere, even the greatest. The champions of the world didn’t get to where they are now but standing on the side lines and feeling bad for themselves. If you want something then work for it. People will try to belittle your goals. Small people can’t comprehend big dreams. People will talk behind your back but they’re behind you for a reason. People will try to bring you down because you’re already above them. You have to wake yourself up every day and face the person you are. Not the nay-sayers or the haters, just you. Faith in yourself is the most powerful and beautiful characteristic a person can have.

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