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At Lumos Labs, we believe in improving brains—and lives. That’s why we created a simple online tool to allow anyone to achieve their brain’s full potential. Drawing on the latest neuroscience breakthroughs, Lumosity’s brain training program is shown to work. No matter what your age or background, you can feel smarter, sharper, and brighter.


The web’s #1 brain training program

Over 40 million people already use, and we’re adding more each month. These users join Lumosity to achieve big goals, make daily life easier, and just feel a little brighter. And thanks to Lumosity training, users report positive and profound results.

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Developed by neuroscientists

Lumosity’s groundbreaking program is based on extensive research in the field of neuroplasticity. Our in-house R&D team works with researchers from Berkeley, Columbia, and more to create the most effective training possible.

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Proven benefits

Multiple studies have been published on Lumosity’s ability to improve key abilities such as working memory, visual attention, fluid intelligence, and executive function. No matter what your age, improving these core cognitive abilities can improve real-life abilities.

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