A rare day indeed…

High On Horses

It’s unusual to see Grandpa on a horse. Since his heart attack in 98, he’s hadn’t been on a horse either. No particular reason. Or, just maybe, it wasn’t as important as the other things in life. When a reality of this nature hits, sometimes, it throws you in to a tail spin. The whole episode had a spiraling effect on both of us. It was as though, it knocked the breath out of us. It took over a decade to get back on track. Thankfully, it was a new turn of events that brought us out of the slump we were in. Our Grand daughter. Both of her parents, have had troubled lives. And, there’s no need to go in to the details. But, we have custody of her now.

It’ll be 7 years this month. She’s kept both of us going. We’ve rebuilt our lives around her. Strangely…

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